Ford Foundation Outcomes

August 24, 2013

Outcomes achieved: For the financial year 2012-13, the following livelihood generation work was proposed in 56 gram panchayats : 243 wells, 106 bandhi construction and repair, , 38 check dams, 987 bigha  ground leveling, 54 ponds construction & deepening and 4.5 km construction of drains. The estimated cost was Rs….

Coverage of Ford Foundation

August 24, 2013

Coverage of the Project: Name of Blocks/Gram Panchayats/Villages – SL District Name of block Number of Gram panchayat Number of village 1 Mirzapur Haliya 51 145 2 Lalganj 5 21 Total 2 56 166 Period of Implementation: –  Since June 2008

Plan India Outcomes

August 24, 2013

Outcomes Achieved Child Participation – Children are able to express themselves regarding various child issues in front of different stakeholders and service providers. Child Information Centre is managed by children only. A federation has been formed and quarterly meetings are held. Children express their issues in the form of stories,…

Plan India: Case Study 4

August 24, 2013

CASE STUDY 4  :   Hand Washing On the occasion of Hand Wash Day, a film was shown at the primary school Banskudiya. The process and benefits of hand washing with soap was shown in the film. The children saw the film with great interest. When they went back to their…

Plan India: Case Study 3

August 24, 2013

CASE STUDY 3  :   Pyare  Bachche Bal Samooh Children group of Bargada is named ‘Pyare Bachche Bal Samooh’ . Bargada is one of the most backward villages of Hallia block. For past 4 years, AAK is implementing child centered development program in the village. The children group was formed in…

Plan India: Case Study 2

August 24, 2013

CASE STUDY 2 :   Behavioural Transformation  brought in an AWW Anganwadi (ICDS) centre Chak Kotar has registration of 90 children in the age group 3-6 yrs. Roughly 15-20 children attended Anganwadi centre regularly. Rekha Kushwaha, Anganwadi worker(AWW) seldom visited the centre. She distributed complementary food to children at the centre…

Plan India: Case Study 1

August 24, 2013

CASE STUDY 1 : The rescue of a child Butai Devi is vice- president of CPC committee Bimauri village. Though she did not have any primary education, she is active member of committee. After her exposure in several meetings of community level CPC, she was transformed into a highly sensitized…

Coverage of Plan India by Villages Per Gram Panchayats

August 21, 2013

Coverage of the Project: Name of Blocks/Gram Panchayats/Villages Gram Panchayat- Bargara Sahji Bhitahan Mavai Kala Mavai Khurd Subau Kala Bedaur Bari Devghata Pandey Halia Sothia Kala Bardiha Kala Hatheda Kotar Ahugi Kala Ahugi Khurd Purva Ausan Singh Dighia Bhatwari Villages- Bargara Baudara Sahaji Kota Shiv Pratap Garhwa Suiya Kala Bardiha…