October 27, 2013

AAK works with the community to enable them to exercise their rights on issues such as health and education, have access and control over natural resources, land rights and livelihoods as well as working to facilitate the provision on welfare and development schemes of the government. AAK believes that focused…

Unicef Case Study 5

August 25, 2013

 The Importance of Vaccination  Name : Roshni Caste : Dharkaar Age : 25 years Husband’s Name : Ram Achal Village : Duwar Kala Total number of members in family : 10 Details :  Roshni had given birth to three children so far but she never went for vaccination of her…

Unicef Case Study 4

August 25, 2013

The Importance of Iodized Salt  Name : Roshni Caste : Kol Father’s Name : Uma Shankar Mother’s Name : Amravati Devi Village : Kathwaar ( Lalganj – Mirzapur ). Name of SHG : Amravati SHG Details :  Roshni was cooking food. That day, there was no salt at her home….

Unicef Case Study 3

August 25, 2013

Drop-Out Child Linked To School  Name of Child : Om Prakash Age : 13 years Caste : Kevat Father’s Name : Mr. Ram Dayal Village : Babhni Gaharwar ( Lalganj – Mirzapur ). Details :  Om Prakash passed class 5 in the year 2010. He was a drop out since…

Unicef Case Study 2

August 25, 2013

Preventing Child Marriage  Name : Suresh Father’s Name : Raja Village : Bari ( Hallia – Mirzapur ). Age : 15 years Education : Class 9th student Family members : Father, Mother, 1 sister, 6 brothers Means of Livelihood : Agriculture Details :  Raja is a resident of village Bari…

Unicef Case Study 1

August 25, 2013

Title  :  The Inhuman Doctor – A case of Child Labour Amit Kumar Gaur (s/o Mr. Deen Dayal ) is a resident of the village Duwar Khurd in Lalganj block of Mirzapur district . He is a twelve year child working as a domestic worker at the clinic of Dr….

Unicef Outcomes

August 25, 2013

Outcomes achieved: –    Block level Civil Society Alliances have been established in Hallia and Lalganj blocks and quarterly meetings are organized regularly. In the meetings, discussions are held regarding child friendly issues , action plan is made regarding those issues and action plan is implemented. 210 village level Child Protection…

Coverage of Unicef

August 25, 2013

Coverage of the Project: Name of Blocks/Gram Panchayats/Villages – SL District Name of block Number of Gram panchayat Number of villages 1 Mirzapur Haliya 31 95 2   Lalganj 35 115   Total 2 66 210   Period of Implementation: –         Since   December 2011  

Ford Foundation: Case Study 3

August 24, 2013

Construction of Check-Dam Gram Panchayat  – Sonbarsa Village – Pipraha ( Dhobaha ) Name of  Work – Construction of Check Dam under MNREGA in 2011-12 Block – Lalganj – Mirzapur In village Pipraha ( Dhobaha Devghata ) in gram panchayat Sonbarsa in Lalganj block, the construction of the proposed check-dam…

Ford Foundation: Case Study 2

August 24, 2013

Water level rises due to work plan made by community under MNREGA. Gram Panchayat Phuliyari is situated at a distance of 25 km in South East direction from Hallia block headquarters. In this gram panchayats, interventions regarding water and land conservation were earlier made by AAK  with community participation ,…