Unicef Case Study 5

August 25, 2013

 The Importance of Vaccination 

Name : Roshni

Caste : Dharkaar

Age : 25 years

Husband’s Name : Ram Achal

Village : Duwar Kala

Total number of members in family : 10

Details :  Roshni had given birth to three children so far but she never went for vaccination of her children. The delivery of all her children was done at home. All her three children died due to non-vaccination or some other cause within six months of their age. Roshni is again pregnant. This time, AAK staff of the child rights project told her about the importance of vaccination  and not to repeat her earlier mistake  so that safe delivery of her infant can be ensured. She realized the importance of vaccination  and went to the primary health centre by contacting ASHA Kamla Devi  with support of ANM Veena Devi and got all the required vaccination that is necessary for the period of pregnancy.

Conclusion : Roshni was able to realize the importance of vaccination and she learned from her past mistakes. She got all the required vaccination at PHC and she has agreed for delivery of her child at PHC only.

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