Ford Foundation: Case Study 2

August 24, 2013

Water level rises due to work plan made by community under MNREGA.

Gram Panchayat Phuliyari is situated at a distance of 25 km in South East direction from Hallia block headquarters. In this gram panchayats, interventions regarding water and land conservation were earlier made by AAK  with community participation , under watershed programme. Since 2010, awareness drives  regarding MNREGA was initiated by Arthik Anusandhan Kendra in the area. Efforts were made for preparing participatory action plans  for the development of permanent livelihoods . Efforts were made at gram panchayat level, block level and community level. The outcome was that in most of the gram panchayats, MNREGA work plan was prepared  with the active participation of the community in the Gram Sabha meetings. Priority was given to water storage structures and at the upper level, structures like medbandi, field-levelling was done and  GP check dams, wells were constructed . As a result of that, the water level in gram panchayat Phuliyari has risen significantly. Water coming out from bore itself is a good example. Due to the work as per the MNREGA planning, significant changes can be seen in the gram panchayat. Now, 60% of the poor families can have food for the whole year. Earlier, the villagers used to migrate but now they do not migrate.

Self flow of water by impact of MNREGA work in village Phuliyari

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