Unicef Outcomes

August 25, 2013

Outcomes achieved: –   

  • Block level Civil Society Alliances have been established in Hallia and Lalganj blocks and quarterly meetings are organized regularly. In the meetings, discussions are held regarding child friendly issues , action plan is made regarding those issues and action plan is implemented.
  • 210 village level Child Protection Committees have been established in 210 villages of Hallia and Lalganj blocks. 90% of the members are trained. Quarterly meetings are organized regularly and initiatives are being taken regarding child labour, child marriage, child violence, linking children to schools, regular attendance and quality education.
  •  2540  women group members are trained and have knowledge regarding 10 point Child  Friendly Agenda (CFA). They are communicating the same to other women of their villages during house visits.
  • 16747 families are aware about 10 point CFA which has led to remarkable change in their behaviour.
  • 16747 families are aware about the harms of child labour and they are preventing their children to work as child labour.
  • 827 child health and nutrition days were organized in 210 villages in which 2993 women participated and became the beneficiaries. This had never happened before.
  • There has been a significant behavioural change in the service providers of the 210 villages. There has been an improvement in the attendance of teachers in schools, ANMs are going for vaccination to such places where they had never gone before and there has been an increase in the activities at Aanganvadi centres.
  • There has been a remarkable increase in the awareness of the underprivileged families and there has been women empowerment. They raised objection on the multiple use of syringe by ANM during vaccination, they refused to give Rs. 10  to ANM as vaccination card fee , complained to the block officials against the irregular vaccination and non-distribution of food in Aanganbadi centres.
  • 70% underprivileged families have started  using iodised salt.
  • 80% women went to hospitals for safe delivery.
  • Support was provided to 54 speech and hearing impaired  children and 82 physically disabled children in getting Identity Cards and necessary equipment after the medical tests.
  • 1577 drop-out and deprived children  were linked to schools.
  • 7 model gram sabhas were organized in which child friendly issues were discussed and the decisions were included in the proceedings.
  • 14 child marriages were prevented due to the support of CPC members.
  • Capacity building and sensitization of 22 women gram pradhans was done by providing  block level  training regarding 10 point CFA.
  • Quarterly village level meetings of women groups, gram panchayat members and service providers are being organized regularly which has increased the quality of services.
  • Initiatives were taken by the 2540 women to build child friendly environment in 210 villages by making house visits  to 12536 families.
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